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About Van Westrum Corporation
We know you CARE about your customers.  One of our goals is to make you look good in their eyes through our service and coating performance.
Van Westrum Corporation continues to solve unique performance and decorative coating problems for its many valued customers. Maintaining the work habits our company was founded upon over 60 years ago, we become your partner, concerned with your needs and dedicated to giving you that extra measure of value.

We Do Our Homework: Before we begin any project, we find out as much about our customer's needs as possible. For example, we ask what is the:
end use of the product?
exposure to temperature?
exposure to abrasives?
exposure to chemicals?
decorative grade needed?
saving in cost and time?
After a comprehensive evaluation, our specialists develop a recommended coating solution. This proactive approach saves time and money by reducing the need to "go back to the drawing board." And, we are willing to re-engineer the coating until we find the right solution to your needs.

Diverse Expertise: We entered the fluorocarbon coating's industry at its inception. Van Westrum Corporation is at the forefront of Midwest applicators, and has been for over half a century. We have solved many coating problems in many industries. Our broad experience is instrumental in determining the right process and materials for the best result.

History: Van Westrum Corporation is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, which offers easy access to all areas of the country’s roadways. We were one of the first Teflon® fluorocarbon coaters in the US. We are often among the first to explore new ways to solve old coating problems.

Van Westrum Corporation is a custom industrial coatings applicator with many capabilities and a willingness to work with you in solving your coating needs. The coating of a product is usually the last thought in the development of a part, but it is the first thing your customer sees and is the first line of defense against corrosion and deterioration of your product.

Van Westrum Corporation was founded in 1946 and operated as a machine shop until 1954. At that point we entered the coating industry dealing primarily with DuPont Teflon®. Being one of the original applicators of Teflon®, we have accumulated a vast array of knowledge through the years.

Through the years we have added various functional, protective and decorative coatings to our Teflon® expertise. We apply Xylan®, Emralon®, Plasite®, Heresite®, Halar®, powder coatings (electrostatic and fluidized bed), EMI/RFI shielding, epoxies, nylons, polyesters, polyethylenes, urethanes, phenolics and various others.

We will not only work with you on your new coatings, but will work with you to design a maintenance coating program on parts that are used in applications where protective coatings wear off and need to be recoated. Examples of these applications are commercial dryer drums, plate coils, cutting blades for the printing and food industries, bearings and parts that are exposed to harsh chemicals.

Through the years we have coated for the medical, automotive, military, food processing, fastener and numerous commercial and industrial industries. We have the ability to certify our processes to meet your specifications.

Van Westrum is here to serve your coating needs. We take pride in doing a job to specifications and have the willingness and ability to work with you from engineering design to quality control inspection procedures.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont
Xylan® is a registered trademark of the Whitford Corporation
Emralon® is a registered trademark of the Henkel Corporation
Plasite® is a registered trademark of the Carboline Corporation
Heresite® is a registered trademark of the Heresite Corporation
Halar® is a registered trademark of Solvay Solexis