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PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) Fluorocarbon coatings are a coating that must be sintered at 725°F to form a thin film which makes it great for corrosion resistance, low friction and good release qualities. This thin coating works great for acid resistance, bear surfaces, and as a mold release for various resins.

PTFE is chemical inert to most chemicals and solvents except very strong alkali solutions. Most coating applications are 1 to 5 mils DFT. This coating can be used in applications as high as 550°F continuously and intermittently up to 600°F. With use temperature as low as minus 450°F, PTFE coatings work great in cyrogentic applications.

PTFE Fluorocarbon Coatings
PTFE Teflon coated heat seals
We have applied PTFE coatings on needles, rollers, chemical tanks, pipes, heat seals, molds and many other products. Some of DuPont's TEFLON®s, Whitford's XYLAN®s as well as other manufacturer's coatings contain PTFE for the above types of applications.

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