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Halar® Coatings

Halar® coatings are Solvay-Solexis' trademark coatings made of ECTFE (ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene). These coatings are a fluoropolymer that melt to a exceptionally smooth, pure (low extractables), and chemically resistant film. Good electrical properties, excellent impact resistance, outstanding abrasion resistance and a wide temperature range are some other characteristics of Halar®.

As a barrier coating Halar® and other ECTFE coatings are 10 to 100 times better against oxygen, CO2, chlorine gas or hydrochloric acid than coatings of PTFE and FEP. ECTFE coatings are resistant to a wide variety of organic solvents and corrosive chemicals, including strong acids, aqueous caustics and chlorine.

Coatings of Halar have excellent machinability (similar to nylon 6) and possess excellent mechanical stability from cryogenic temperatures up to 300°F. The impact resistance at ambient and lower temperatures is excellent. Its dielectric strength is 2000V/mil and maintains useful properties when exposed to cobalt 60 radiation of 200 megarads. Water apsorption is less than 0.1%.

Van Westrum Corporation has applied Halar® on tanks, impellers, mixing blades, bowls, piping, rollers, fume hoods and other products.

Please call us now to discuss your application problems. We will be honored to work with you in deciphering which coating system will work for you.
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