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Teflon® Coatings

TEFLON® is a registered trade mark of DuPont for its line of fluorocarbon coatings. These coatings have excellent corrosion protection, non-stick, heat resistance, and low friction characters. Depending on which type of Teflon®, the coatings can function between -450°F and 500°F. There are three main classifications of types of fluorocarbon coatings: PTFE, FEP, and PFA, with a fourth that is one of or combination of the three mixed with various resins to increase its hardness and wear capabilities.

All Teflon® coatings must have a bake to sinter or melt flow the coating. The curing, depending on the Teflon®, is usually 350°F to 800°F. Please make sure your product can withstand the curing temperatures.
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Starting back in 1954, Van Westrum Corporation has applied TEFLON® coatings to many parts in a wide range of industries. We have coated fasteners, heat sinks, cutting/sealing blades, chutes, tanks, springs, cryogenic and pipe fittings, saw blades, heat plate coils, vibratory feeding bowls, medical needles, catheter guide wires, dryer drums, automotive parts, mixing bowls and many other parts. Several of the TEFLON® coatings are FDA acceptable for food contact.

Please call us now to discuss your application problems. We will be honored to work with you in deciphering which TEFLON® coating system will work for you. 

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