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PFA Coatings

PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) fluorocarbon coatings are similar to PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene); but with being a thermoplastic, will melt flow into a non-porous film. This coating is stable for continuous use at temperatures as low as -400°F and up to 500°F. This makes it great for cryogenic applications as well as for cooking applications. PFA has high dielectric properties, low dissipation factor and very high surface resistivity.

Very few substances adhere to PFA coatings and if they do the tacky material will remove easily. This makes a PFA coating great to apply to equipment where adhesives are being applied.

PFA coatings function between -400°F and 500°F and are both oleophobic and hydrophobic which makes clean up easy with almost no "elbow grease". Coefficient of friction is 0.1 against polished steel. PFA coatings can be used outdoors and is unaffected by UV exposure. The dielectric strength of PFA coatings is 2000 V/mil and the rate of water absorption is 0.03%

Corrosion resistance and non-stick capabilities makes PFA great for exhaust fans, tanks, plate coils, chutes, plating equipment, food processing equipment, printing equipment and many other ideas. We have even used PFA and FEP to bond two metals together. PFA is used in the lighting industry to encase light bulbs and glass lens to prevent broken glass from escaping in food processing areas.

PFA is available as DuPont Teflon®-P, Whitford Xylan® PFA+ and Solvay-Solexis Hylon®. We usually stock either the Teflon®-P or the Xylan® PFA+.

Please call us now to discuss your application problems. We will be honored to work with you in deciphering which TEFLON® coating system will work for you.
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